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PROCLAIM 2017: A Global Conference for Preachers of Redemptive History
 글쓴이 : 관리자

PROCLAIM 2017: A Global Conference for Preachers of Redemptive History

All Churches of the World,

“Let us Return to the Bible!”

Proclaim 2017: A Global Conference for Preachers of Redemptive History, was held. A total of 49 ministers and missionaries from eight countries (USA, China, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Philippines) gathered together to learn the Word of redemptive history in Pyungkang Cheil Church, Korea. From October 27th to November 1st (Fri-Wed), these guests listened to a total of twelve lectures under the theme, "Let us Return to the Bible" (2 Tim 3:14-17).

The first lecture began on the night of their arrival and finished past 11 PM. The tightly-packed schedule during the five-day, six-night conference started at 9 AM and ended past 10 PM. The guests attended the 4th History of Redemption Seminar in Moriah Sanctuary, visited the Abraham Park & Kenneth Vine Collection Museum, attended Lord's day service, headed to Jumunjin Oceanside Church, and visited both the Jehovah Jireh Retreat Center at Mt. Seorak and the Yeoju Pyungkang Cheil Conference Center, all the while gathering together for several redemptive history lectures each day. These ministers had come after attending redemptive history seminars at their home countries, or hearing about the first conference that was held last year. The first conference of 29 pastors increased to 49 pastors for the second conference. They temporarily vacated their own churches and mission work to travel to Korea on their own expenses to hear the precious Word of redemptive history. Why would they do this?

All nations will come to Korea to learn the Word of Redemptive History

They had a church that was waiting for them. After the publishment of the first book of the history of redemption series in 2007, the author, Rev. Abraham Park proclaimed that ministers and theologians from all over the world will come to Korea to learn the Word of redemptive history, that nations will come dancing. He prepared the entire church and its saints to greet them. Retreat Centers were established in Yeoju, Jumunjin and Gurye and all ministers and members of the congregation not only had to learn the Word but were trained to teach it as evangelizers of redemptive history up until the release of the 9th book in the series.

On January 1st, 2014, Rev. Park declared the church precept as "A Church that Leads the Nations to God" and prepared everything in advance up to his passing on December 17th. From that point on, the Word of redemptive history started to shine its light towards the nations of the world. Seminars after seminars took place in nations across the world and the history of redemption series was translated into many languages. The books themselves evangelized and God called together the churches of the world that longed to return to the Bible.

They had a congregation and staff committee prepared to welcome them. This second conference was prepared through the cooperation of every department in the church. Thirty staff members moved with the 49 attendees. The broadcast team, praise team, worship team, translation team, refreshments team, meal team, transportation team and ushers, along with extra volunteers outnumbered the participants. Many participants praised the systematic and orderly conference and expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome along with their appreciation for the Word.

The Vision of the Word of Redemptive History Inscribed on the Stone Monument and Bell Tower at Jumunjin Oceanside Church

The Jumunjin Oceanside Church, where the conference took place, was a place that was prepared beforehand. Rev. Abraham Park established this beautiful church in Jumunjin in 2012, and it had the same accommodations of a retreat center. He wrote poetry on the stone monument and wrote words of prayer on the bell tower that stands high in the yard of the church. The words that are written on the center of the bell are, "May the redemptive historical providence be proclaimed fully to all nations."

Jumunjin Oceanside Church, prepared by God before the ages

The Garden of Word and prayer that blesses those who come to seek

The grace and love of the cross of redemption and gospel proclaimed loudly

On the day where all nations come dancing with joy

Knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth

As the waters cover the sea

- Inscription on the stone monument at Jumunjin Oceanside Church

A representative from each nation came up to give their impressions during their last night at Jumunjin. The following are the impressions of the attendees from each country after learning the Word of Redemptive history, the song of joy sung by nations.

Reporters: Myung Sun Kang, Ji Hye Lee, Pureum Lee

Testimonies from the attendees of Proclaim 2017:

A Global Conference for Preachers of Redemptive History

“I hope you will all return to the Bible.”

Pastor Aekachai Rungiam, Thailand

This is my second year attending. Five years ago I attended a History of Redemption seminar in Malaysia. I did not know about this book and did not know why I was there. I did not even know English at that time. But I understood when Rev. Philip Lee was preaching. I was able to understand this amazing Word, even when I could not speak English well. The Word touched my heart. I was a Christian since I was 10 years old but I have never read the Bible completely. At that moment, my heart was so moved and I decided I must believe anew. God led me to read the Bible more and to continue reading the Bible after the first seminar. I learned that if you listen to and obey the commands of God, He will bless you, as it’s recorded in Deuteronomy 28. At that time, I only earned about 300 USD a month. My life changed completely when I decided to obey. After I decided to completely return to the Bible, I started to earn about 60,000 USD a month. This is not by my power, not by my wisdom. It was because God allowed it when I decided to return to the Bible.

“As Saul’s son loved David”

Pastor C. J. Baek, China (Sim Hae Church)

Pastor Baek attended the History of Redemption seminar in Jejudo in November 2016, once in Qingdao China in 2017, and translated for another seminar in China in August, 2017. He is Chinese and although he cannot write Korean, he can speak it fluently. He learned it while working on a deep-sea fishing vessel in Korea during his youth.

David is known as the man after God's own heart. Just as Saul’s son loved David, I would first like to offer appreciation for Rev. Abraham Park. The churches in China were under persecution for about 20 years, and it’s true that the church had a revival in the midst of persecution. This is a quantitative revival. How did this great revival take place in China? They invited leaders in ministry and locked them up. They put people in prison when they called them in. Many people were locked up in prison and killed after the Great Cultural Revolution.  

China is not an easy country. Foreigners are prohibited from initiating religious activities, but home churches have grown enough to establish seminaries. However, we do not have leaders who are prepared. That is why we invite you. When Pyungkang Cheil Church moves, I believe China will be shaken. I wish to grow together in prayer in the Lord. The people who are here from China are all deans of seminaries. When you are prepared with the Word of Redemptive history, we will invite you as professors any time. Just as how we depend on our parents when we are young, if Pyungkang Church acts as the brother and father, we will be able to learn the Word of redemptive history. What is abundant in China? We have the manpower and wealth. I believe it is our role to spread the Word of redemptive history throughout the world.

“For the first time in my life, I realized that the Bible is inerrant.”

Philip Ong Seow Hoe / Dean of Tung Ling Bible School in Singapore

I have taught the Bible all my life, but my mind was always troubled by the parts of the Bible that seemed contradictory. When I learned that all the names and numbers of the Bible were recorded for a clear purpose, I was deeply touched.  Now I will teach confidently that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Rev. Abraham Park studied the Word of God in depth, calculated and connected it. The sacrifice of a man who devoted his entire life to teach that the Bible is the inspired Word of God humbled me. My wife and I are leaders of a seminar. Most seminaries these days do not study about the Word of God itself. However, the Word of God is the central point. The Word of God alone brings changes in our lives. The reason I am here at this seminar is because it focuses on God Himself and because God Himself is the author of the history of redemption. I strongly urge you to teach from the history of redemption series.

We teach about leadership at our leadership school and we can know about the leader through his disciples. I came here and looked around the facilities and saw how clean and tidy it was. I saw the level of the disciples of Rev. Park. These people are the ones who testify of him. I believe that you all are the best quality fruit. All aspects of this Word will be adapted in Singapore and I wish to establish a church network to spread the Word and apply it to the curriculums in theological seminaries.

“I realized the meaning of the genealogies recorded in the Bible for the first time”

Pastor Cin Ngaih Lian, Myanmar

Pastor Cin Ngaih Lian is associated with the Baptist denomination in the region of Kalaymyo where seven churches and 5,000 saints gather. He has also studied theology in Korea. After seeing a video on the Facebook page of the Center for the Movement of Redemptive History, Pastor Lian visited the church and attended the conference with eight other ministers in his denomination.

I learned many things from this seminar. First is the importance of the genealogies. When we return, we will proclaim the Word on the genealogies to everyone, from the children to the adults. Second, we will teach the Word of redemptive history to our neighbors and to other churches. We must teach and learn as they do in Pyungkang Church in Myanmar. We do not need knowledge and wisdom; we need the Bible, its redemptive history and its genealogies. The History of Redemption series must be translated to Burmese.

“The book that reveals the Bible through only the Bible”

Pastor R.D.Jagath Dharmaisri, Sri Lanka

Lanka Bible College and Seminary is a seminary with 120 students and 1500 alumni who serve as pastors. The church that Pastor Dharmaisri ministers has a congregation of 900 people.

After reading the 1st book, my daughter asked me if I had ever met Rev. Abraham Park. I replied that he is someone who is different, that he is someone special. Rev. Abraham Park was able to find the truth through the revelation of the Bible. He did not invest a huge sum of money to do so; he came to an understanding through studying the Bible. I am a professor at the largest seminary in Sri Lanka. I open the doors of my seminary to you. I hope you will teach the Word of redemptive history to the students. Also, as a professor of Old Testament studies, I will teach redemptive history in my courses. My wife and I are translating the second book into the Sri Lankan language. Please pray for us as we plan to host a seminar next year.


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